Bone Shaped Birthday Cakes!

Celebrate your dog’s birthdays with freshly baked, custom dog cakes that taste amazing. Made from healthy, all natural ingredients, what better way to bond with your dogs than to celebrate their birthdays with a cake in the shape of a bone, personalized with their names? Order now and give your furry friends the celebration they deserve! Perfect for celebrating every year’s:

  • Birthday
  • Adoption
  • Holiday
  • Special Occasion
  • Anniversary
  • Adoptiversary
  • Gender Reveal
  • . . . and more!

Do you have any cakes available today?
Yes! Same-day orders are also available for last minute requests!

Birthday Cake Ingredients & Shelf Life:

The cakes are made from all-natural human-grade ingredients, which include unbleached flour, eggs, baking powder, canola oil, and brewer’s yeast. They have a vanilla flavoring and a non-dairy whipped topping. There are no preservatives, salt, sugar, chocolate, or any other harmful ingredients. We proudly offer fresh baked dog birthday cakes that are completely safe for dogs. Our cakes stay fresh for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator, or for 2+ months frozen.

To Order by Text:

Text Your Order to 310-944-3232

  • State the cake size you would like
  • Type the name or phrase you would like written on the cake
  • Specify the date of the party
  • Pair with treats for a delicious combination
  • Don’t forget the party hats!
  • Text Your Order to 310-944-3232