Pet Sitting

You love your pets and want someone you trust to fill in for you when it is convenient for your schedule, whether you need a quick check in on your cats and dogs while you are at work, or multiple visits per day while you are traveling out of town. Perhaps your dogs are bored, have too much energy, and they need an outlet to curb their destructive behavior. Whatever the case may be, the professional pet sitters at Redondo Dog are here to help.  We are courteous, experienced, responsible, and dedicated to caring for your pets. You will have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.

We come to your home! Your pets will be greeted, fed following your specific instructions, entertained and interacted with using their favorite toys, and given plenty of water. We offer a wide array of services, ranging from a basic visit to an exercising play date to an overnight stay, and everything in between. Popular requests among our clients are short walks around the block to do their business, trips to the local park, running to drain built up energy out of their system, and leisurely walks to engage the senses to absorb the sights, sounds, and smells around them.

We keep your pets together for one on one enrichment, never adding them to a pack of strangers. We clean up after them in a responsible, environmentally-friendly manner. Let Redondo Dog show your dogs and cats some love in your absence. Our experienced pet sitters will assist you with your every need and custom tailor your experience.​ We want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Please schedule a free meet and greet before the first session so that we may be introduced properly.

We Care For Your Pets In Your Absence

In-Home Pet Sitting Services & Pricing:

Initial Meet & Greet (FREE):  Schedule a free introductory meeting to ensure that your pet sitter is a good match for you and your pets. It is essential that all parties feel completely comfortable and compatible with each other before you hand over a key, for the safety and comfort of both your pets and your pet sitter.

House Visit ($14):  We check in on your dog or cat, feed and give water (according to your specific instructions), tend to your house as requested (optional), take your dog out for a quick potty walk (pick up after your dog) or clean the litter box, play with your dog or cat to alleviate boredom, lock up, and leave a summary note along with a complimentary freshly baked, gourmet treat for you to enjoy giving to your dog (optional).

30 Minute Visit ($18):  “House Visit” plus we extend the walk and interactive play time to 30 minutes so that your pet gets extra attention.

60 Minute Visit ($32):  “House Visit” plus we extend the walk and interactive play time to 60 minutes, we run your dog (optional) to get the excess energy out, and give your pets the extra special attention they crave.

Overnight Stay ($65):  9pm “House Visit” plus we keep your pets company by sleeping overnight, and provide a second 7am “House Visit” in the morning before leaving. Perfect for dogs that need extra attention and prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home instead of visiting a scary kennel.

Customize a Plan that Works Best for Your Schedule

Add-On Services:​

Taxi Service ($10 and up):  Can’t get to the salon or the vet? Don’t let that keep you from having clean, healthy dogs and cats! Make arrangements for pick-up and/or delivery services when you schedule your pet sitting services.

Additional Dog or Cat ($5 and up):  Do you have multiple cats needing care or two dogs that always walk together?  Not a problem! We will stick to your routine. When your pets feel most comfortable staying together, we will walk them both at the same time, just like you do.  Since they are already accustomed to accompanying each other routinely, let’s keep them happy creatures of habit.