Dog Walking Services!

You love your dogs and want someone you trust to fill in for you when it is convenient for your schedule, whether your dogs need a quick potty break while you are at work, or multiple walks per day while you are traveling out of town.  Perhaps your dogs are bored, have too much energy, and they need an outlet to curb their destructive behavior.  Whatever the case may be, the professional dog walkers at Redondo Dog are here to help.  We are courteous, experienced, responsible, and dedicated to caring for your dogs.  You will have peace of mind knowing your dogs are in good hands. Schedule a free meet and greet before the first session so that we may be introduced properly.

Customize a Plan That’s Best for Your Schedule

  • Interactive Play Time & Exercise
  • Relieve Boredom
  • Drain Destructive Energy
  • Travel to Favorite Parks
  • Nourish & Hydrate
  • Potty Breaks
  • Engage the Senses to Absorb
    Sights, Sounds, and Smells